Medical Team

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The medical team of the Centre Laser Sorbonne is made up of dermatologists, vascular specialists and general practitioners, who hold specialized degrees in laser technology.

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The use of lasers and flashlamp (IPL) alike requires specialized training and solid experience. This is why our doctors constantly perfect and update their knowledge of different dermatological and vascular lasers, and practice laser treatment intensively. The Centre Laser Sorbonne is proud to be recognized by the University of Paris to offer professional internships in laser technology (Diplôme Inter-Universitaire Européen de Lasers Médicaux).

The laser and flashlamp equipment of the Centre Laser Sorbonne is operated exclusively by experienced doctors and not by assistants.

Because the medical personnel of the Centre Laser Sorbonne is made up of doctors with university degrees in medical laser technology, we can offer you treatment with maximum safety and effectiveness.

At the Centre Laser Sorbonne in Paris you will meet with one of these specialists to decide upon the treatment that is right for you during a consultation. The doctor will explain the best treatments possible and may eventually recommend that you take a test. Before beginning treatment, he or she will give you a detailed estimate and have you sign an informed consent form.
The doctor who receives you will personally care for you during the entire course of your laser treatment.