Medical blepharoplasty by PlexR

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The Plexr (contraction of Plasma Exérèse) is a recent technology introduced in France by the Centre Laser Sorbonne. It allows our doctors to perform cosmetic acts and treat dermatological lesions without damaging the surrounding tissues. The Plexr allows us to perform cosmetic procedures without surgery, anaesthesia, sutures and so on.

How does the Plexr technology work for a medical blepharoplasty ?

blepharoplasty by PlexR

The Plexr removes excess skin from the eyelids that many people complain about and corrects the “hangdog” look. Your doctor draws a dotted line to delineate areas to be treated with the Plexr. The tissues will be sublimated and the drooping of the eyelids will be corrected.
To obtain a result equivalent to a classical blepharoplasty, several sessions will sometimes be necessary (depending on the importance of the excess tissue to be removed).

The treatment is very individualized, and allows to some extent to correct the gaze.

The Plexr “sublimates” the treated tissues.

Sublimation by Plexr only acts upon the most external tissues without causing sagging, discoloration or bleeding and, above all, works without anesthesia.
This technique arose from the need to intervene on dermatological lesions or imperfections, where it is very difficult to use the laser (because of the coefficient of reflection or absorption) or the electro-coagulation (due to the low electrical conductivity of some tissues).

With the Plexr the treated area immediately cools and does not overheat the surrounding tissue.

Indications for medical blepharoplasty by Plexr


Plexr is not limited to dermatological lesions. It is an excellent indication to correct aesthetic problems like :

  • Wrinkles
  • Slackness of body tissues after pregnancy (especially in the peri-umbilical zone)
  • And especially lifting the eyelids without surgery

How does medical blepharoplasty by Plexr work ?

An numbing cream will be applied one hour before the session.
You will not need to wear a protective shell : on the contrary, the doctor will ask you to blink during the session in order to identify excess skin to sublimate.

The treatment is generally well tolerated and does not cause any side effects with the exception of a redness and a passing edema that disappear spontaneously within a few days.

Potential contraindications to Plexr blepharoplasty

Your doctor will inform you during your initial consultation of potential contraindications (glaucoma, chronic keratitis, blepharitis, eyelid dermatosis, localised bleeding…)

After the non-ablative medical blepharoplasty

non-ablative medical blepharoplasty

After the session, a carbonization of the tissues is immediately visible.

There will be a slight oedema in the treated area over a period of 48 to 72 hours.

The patient can resume their activities taking into account that the treated area will exhibit scabs and redness depending on the type of treatment. These will fall naturally after a few days, but some redness may persist for some weeks in the treated areas.

The cost of a medical blepharoplasty session

Your initial cosmetic consultation will be charged €45 tax included.
The number of Plexr sessions for a medical blepharoplasty (usually 1-4) varies depending on the desired result and excess skin folds to be removed.

Sessions are spaced a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks and the cost of a session starts at €260 tax included.