Collagen boosters

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While hyaluronic acid filler injections correct wrinkles and re-plump the face, collagen boosters stimulate the patient’s own collagen production to achieve natural and long-lasting results. Doctors at the Centre Laser Sorbonne use both the Ellanse ™ and the Radiesse collagen boosters, product that are completely but slowly absorbed (several years depending on the product used).

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Filler injections with collagen boosters

The Centre Laser Sorbonne has opted for collagen boosters approved both by the FDA and the CE, such as Ellanse ™ and Radiesse.
The Ellanse™ collagen booster is injected exactly like hyaluronic acid, but go into the deep dermis, at the junction between the hypodermic dermis and the periosteum.

, Collagen boosters, Centre Laser Paris Sorbonne : Soins Esthétiques & Dermatologie

The plumping effect achieved by the booster’s vector (generally carboxymethylcellulose that has been used in medical devices for a very long time) is immediate. This is gradually eliminated over the course of a few weeks, replaced by the patient’s own collagen produced under the effect of the booster (Polycaprolactone).

Ellanse ™ is fully bioabsorbable, unlike other filler products, thereby maximizing patient safety through safe product components and rigorous safety testing.

Main indications for a tissue inducer filling injection

, Collagen boosters, Centre Laser Paris Sorbonne : Soins Esthétiques & Dermatologie
  • Long-lasting, plumping and lifting treatment for the oval of the face (jaw contour, cheekbones, chin)
  • Medical “rhinoplasty” (isolated treatment of a lump)
  • Improvement of the rest of the body (hands)
  • Treatment of facial lipodystrophy of patients undergoing anti-HIV therapy

Contraindications for collagen booster filler injections

  • History of severe or active allergies
  • Known allergy to any of the ingredients
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Old injections of non-absorbable products (especially silicone)
  • Ellanse ™ is not indicated for lip augmentation (risk of hard lumps, loss of flexibility), the tear trough or the glabella
  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding

Precautions before collagen booster injection

  • Avoid taking aspirin or anti-inflammatory medication in the days leading up to the procedure
  • Report any anticoagulant intake
  • Avoid alcohol and sun exposure in the hours leading up to the injection

Collagen booster injection session

Your doctor carefully analyses the areas to be treated during your initial consultation. In some cases, they may practice local anaesthesia for better comfort.
Your doctor then performs several injections.
A vigorous massage of the injected area is then carried out to perfect the distribution of the product.

After a collagen booster injection session

, Collagen boosters, Centre Laser Paris Sorbonne : Soins Esthétiques & Dermatologie

Mild oedema or hematoma may occur immediately after injection, usually of short duration. It will also be necessary to massage the injected area regularly during the days following the session.
The effect of this filler injection is immediate.
Ellanse ™ will maintain full correction for the duration of its desired performance.

Cost and durability of collagen booster treatment

A precise quote for your treatment while be drawn up during your initial Anti-Aging consultation billed at €45 including tax.
A single filler injection ensures correction up to 2 years with Ellanse ™.